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Milton Abbey School Stable Block

Whilst still in operation as a Stable yard, a substantial amount of the Grade 1 block (original stables to the Mansion House) had become under-used except for general storage. Milton Abbey , in addition to its academic record, also has a fine reputation in its achievements in the study of Countryside Management. Currently, lecture based studies are provided from the main Mansion House and campus - distant from the areas for Practical study. The proposals for the 're-imagining' of the Stable Block, therefore being to accommodate both practical and lecture based learning at the 'point of source'.

Design proposals involve opening up existing spaces, both in plan and section, to create light-filled classroom volumes with new apertures enhancing the 'genus loci' of the location. Design philosophy adopted was to retain and enhance the current front elevation to the stable yard and paddocks, with new pergola structures creating covered access areas to the rear and the ability for social and education 'break out' into the landscape beyond.

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